A clinically complete ventilation solution offering a full range of capabilities from noninvasive to invasive ventilation.

A clinically complete ventilation


The GALILEO ventilator offers a full spectrum of capabilities, including invasive to noninvasive and advanced ventilation modes, plus tube resistance compensation. Intelligent features like Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV) and P/V Tool help you determine appropriate ventilator settings, based upon the patient’s respiratory mechanics. The GALILEO’s DuoPAP and APRV modes encourage spontaneous breathing, even in the most acute phases of the disease process. In these related modes you set two pressure levels for two time periods.

Extensive and configurable monitoring

The GALILEO’s monitoring package, featuring 26 parameters, loops, waveforms, and trends, gives you the data you want, in the way you want it. You can configure the display with user-selected monitoring parameters.

Intelligent user interface

The GALILEO’s intuitive user interface helps ease the required setup and monitoring. Rated highest in an independent user survey, the interface requires little training.

The GALILEO includes everything you expect from an ICU ventilator:

  • Full spectrum of ventilation capabilities, including ASV, DuoPAP, APRV, noninvasive ventilation, and conventional modes plus tube resistance compensation (TRC).
  • Ergonomic user interface with two press-and-turn knobs and large color display
  • Internal battery backup plus optional gas cylinder holder for intrahospital transport
  • An extensive monitoring package with 26 parameters