PretriSwiss PS 900 P

PretriSwiss PS 900 P Easy operation:
All entries are made directly on the screen! You do not need a Manual! Backlit graphic display for perfect read-off. Operator prompting in German or English (other languages can be selected). Automatic device self-diagnosis ensures that the system is ready for operation even before the filling process.
PretriSwiss PS 900 P Dish stacks of required height:
The stack height can be freely selected (1 to 20 dishes/stack) and can thus be adapted to ongoing further processing. No need for reloading or counting.
PretriSwiss PS 900 P Pump delivery:
The 10-roller pump head ensures uniform and non-pulsatory pumping rates up to 60 ml/min. The AntiDrop function suppresses dripping.
PretriSwiss PS 900 P You define:
- Dosing quantity per dish rate
- Pause times
- AntiDrop function
- Media smoothing (Vibramix)
PretriSwiss PS 900 P Your printing parameters:
- Printing Parameters depending selected Ink Jet solution
- Barcode, 1 or 2 Line alphanumeric, dish side or dish bottom printing, fast dry ink, water resistant
- Optional Integration of Linx Ultima 4900
- Optional Integration of 9020 or 9030
- Model PS900P (with integrated label printer) is replaced by above Integration options.
PretriSwiss PS 900 P Autonomous operation:
The feed unit allows 400 Petri dishes to be loaded. These are filled autonomously and ejected with the preselected stack height on the work bench.
PretriSwiss PS 900 P Dish labelling:
Automatic, consecutive alphanumeric dish labelling or barcode application. The printer provides a perfect printed image on a white label. Using thermal transfer printing dispenses with problems relating to dried-on ink and also dispenses with the need for an additional compressor module. Application of the label means that the dish remains unobstructed for colony diagnosis.
  Easy, low-cost maintenance:
BioTool equipment, by tradition, incorporates the very highest quality level and workmanship. The incorporated “servicing drawer” greatly facilitates cleaning and maintenance effort.