Laboratory System Supply

Glass Slide

China Manufacturer
A plate of glass on which objects are placed fro microscopic examination
SIZE: 3 x 1
PACKAGING: 72’s/box

Urine Strips

Brand: Self-Stik
Korea Manufacturer
A dip and read test strip
Give faster result in just 5 seconds

Parameter 4 SG Parameter 10 SG
PH, glucose, protein, specific gravity Glucose, ketones, bilirubin, protein, nitrite, PH, occult blood, specific gravity, urobilinogin, leucocytes

Capillary Tube

China Manufacturer
Extremely narrow tube for collecting blood during pricking.

Cover Slip

China Manufacturer
Thin glass used to cover the specimen swabbed in the glass slide to protect the cultured.
PACKAGING: 200’s/vial

Dissecting Set

China Manufacturer
Consist of several instruments design to be used for dissecting laboratory specimens like frogs etc.
Stainless steel

Blood Diluting Pipetter

Japan/India Manufacturer
RBC – Red blood cell
WBC – White blood cell
Shali Pipette – Hemoglobin

Laboratory Thermometer

Alcohol or Mercury