SKYQUAS HARD - Plastering and waterproofing in one step. Waterproof against water pressure. Certified for contact with drinking water.   - 抹灰和防水一步到位。防水抗水壓。與飲用水接觸的認證。

1. Waterproof Plaster - 100% waterproof plaster applied in one step.
防水石膏 - 100%防水石膏應用於無需調節空走,一步到位。
2. Breathability - Water can evaporate, not trapped inside walls.
透氣性 - 水可以蒸發,沒有被困在裡面的牆壁。
3. Drying Effect - Houses affected by water penetration can be dry again.
乾燥效果 - 受水滲透房子可以再次乾燥。

Top quality plaster and 100% Waterproof Hydro Isolation in one product.
Breathable - The house drying effect will teach your house to breathe again.
透氣 - 這所房子乾燥效果會教你的房子再次呼吸。
Environmentally Friendly - Made only from natural materials.
環保 - 只能從天然材料。
Simple Application in one step - Save time and costs.
一步到位的簡單應用 - 節省時間和成本。
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