Cisa Concept 150 - Sterilization System

All medical waste, such as needles, syringes, bandages, gauze, blades, glass, catheters, blood and urine bags, tubes, cannulae and others can be treated by this system for waste management. The reduction of volume at the end of the treatment process is equal to 80% of the input volume, minimizing the disposal costs and reducing the impact on the environment.
Description of the system
The system is composed of shredder and sterilizer.
The waste is packed in cardboard boxes or plastic bags which are loaded through a window directly into the shredder’s hopper. Once it is loaded, it is possible to start the entire cycle of shredding and sterilization. The waste undergoes automatic shredding into a small pieces force of gravity. Once the sterilization chamber is fully loaded (the volume is detected utilizing and to start the sterilization cycle of the pathogenic waste. When the cycle is completed, the lower door of the chamber opens and sterilized waste is released into a collection cart. The waste, at the end of the process can be transferred to a central collection facility.
Sterilization cycle
The waste is treated with high-pressure saturated steam and with a cycle temperature of 134 °C or 138 °C. Both cycles are pre-programmed with pressure at 3.2-4.0 bar (absolute pressure) and sterilization time from 10-20 minutes. It is possible to program other types of cycles using touch-screen programming.
MWT cycles

  • condition
  • sterilization
  • cooling
  • drying
  • Aeration

Sterile Filters
In the pre-vacuum phase, the effluent removed from the chamber cannot be routed externally without filtration, due to the fact that the same input, enters in contact with the infective waste and consequently becomes contaminated. The system is equipped with filters appropriately placed in relation to the sterilization chamber made in stainless steel, which undergo continuous disinfection to inhibit contamination. At the end of the cycle, another sub-micron filter is utilized for the injection of sterile air and for the recovery of atmospheric pressure within the sterilization chamber.

Touch Screen Display

for more information, download Cisa Concept 150 Brochure