Designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the PSME / ASME Code. All pressure components are tested and guaranteed to have passed the standards set by the above code and Brunei of Labor Standards.

BSE Boiler Specification

Dry Back Boiler
Three (3) pass dry back BSE Boiler, with capacities ranging from 15 to 50 BHP, fully automatic, designed in accordance to the PSME code (which is also based on the ASME code) cable to generate steam of up to 250 psi depending on the customers requirement.

Wet Back Boiler
Three to four (3-4) passes BSE Wet back boilers are designed to utilize heat energy generated by the burner to the maximum. Capacity ranges from 60-900 BHP, fully automatic that responds to steam demand for utmost efficiency and fuel economy. Design pressure of up to 250 psi can be supplied in full packaged option.