Wound Care


Surgical Gauze

Brand: Medichoice
China Mfr.
It consists of cotton fabric of plain weave, bleached to a good white and purified. It is practically odorless, reasonably free from weaving defects and contains not more than traces of leaf residue, seed coat or other impurities. It is mainly used and intended for dressing purposes and wound management.
a. absorbent
b. fine and soft in texture
c. uniform in weave (no. of strands and its arrangement)
d. tensile strength
Raw Material : Cotton
Size : 36x100 yards
Available Mesh : (no. of threads per square inch)

Absorbent Cotton

Brand: Pure Cot
China Mfr.
It consists of good quality new combers obtained from the seed coat cleaned, purified and bleached. It is white and composed of carefully corded fibers, which offers appreciable resistance when pulled and water holding capacity or absorbency.
a. available in 400 grams & 100 grams

Gauze Sponges

Sterile or non-sterile
Brand: Medichoice
China Mfr.
It is a cotton fabric of plain weave, on various dimensions, supplied in pieces, in various lengths and folded into convenient and complete range of standard sizes for dressing purposes. Features:
a. folding or non-folding edge
b. plain or with x-ray detectable thread
c. supplied sterile or non-sterile