Structure of the Microporous Treatment Unit


The MTU consist of a microporous Case (Upper part) and a Diffuser Case (Lower part). The MTU case houses multiple microporous cartridges that are connected to a manifold pipe via transparent tubes, while the diffuser case houses a diffuser. You can pull out individual microporous cartridges for maintenance work.


Diffuser Cleaning:
Easy maintenance with unique system

By opening the cleaning valve, you can clean the diffuser system utilizing a backflow of mixed liquor and air. This valve is closed during aeration. If a magnetic valve is installed, this operation can be performed automatically.

Structure of the MTU Cartridge


The MTU Sheet is welded on each side of the microporous panel. Treated water permeates through the microporous sheets and spacers to come out via the nozzle. Type 515 cartridge has two (2) nozzles. These can permeate from all over the microporous sheets equally to prevent the larger microporous sheet from fouling for a long time.

The microporous sheet is made from Chlorinated Polyethylene with a nominal (maximum) pore size of 0.4um (average 0.2um)