CISA Plasma Sterilization


Plasma Sterilization is one of the newest low temperature techniques of sterilization. The CISA system for generating the Plasma (an atmosphere constituted by ionized gas in high vacuum conditions) is based on a technology that has been developed to be excellent for reprocessable medical device sterilization with innovative performances.

The medical community agrees on the point that the Plasma is an ideal sterilization technology.

The Plasma sterilizer is designed following the most sophisticated features for safety control and it is in compliance with the EC directive 93/42. CISA sterilizers are also designed to help energy saving, without affecting the performance, thanks to an advanced engineering solution that defines the optimum use of power consumption. Beside there is no risk for hazardous residue remaining on the sterile devices or in the air of the work environment.

Plasma Sterilization Model: